Jive Migration from to Jive7- / JiveX-Cloud

The idea is to migrate the hosted un-supported version into the cloud. There are some issues which must be considered when we upgrade (please complete the list):

Web page

The web page uses the old Jive SBS API (documentation no longer available) to fetch community information. It has to be ported to the Jive v3 REST API. This seems to be easy.

Where are the JSP pages?


The Tomcat version may be out-dated, it should be moved to Tomcat 7.

Community / Spam filter

We use currently a custom plugin, for Jive7 there is a Jive plugin with similar functionality. The spam features are available in Jive’s cloud release - we need to test it. See https://community.jivesoftware.com/groups/external-community-managers/blog/2013/ 04/18/spam-happens-learn-to-live-with-it

Community integration

Maybe we use http://community.igniterealtime.org as a unique URL only for the community - so there is no reverse-proxy in front of it and we split up the design and UI of “www.” and “community.”. The look and feel should be kept, but it may not look like a 100% integration. From the marketing pov this would be a disaster, but I think one can live with it.

Community performance

For me the most critical part - the 4.x version seems to be much faster than the 6.x or 7.x versions.

I hope there is a way to get it fast, without too much external files.

Re: Web page - I am sure we had the website JSP in source control… though right now I’m having a hard time finding it. Perhaps my SVN credentials no longer give me access?

Re: Community Spam filter: I’ve put out an internal Jive message to clarify this queston.

Re: Community integration/performance By default… a JiveX installation for ignite realtime would have a URL like https://(ignite.jiveon.com … If we used this default URL, we’d get better performance as we could take advantage of Akamai global CDN for caching in geo specific edge nodes. If we require the community.igniterealtime.org URL, we will lose CDN acceleration. It’s not cheap nor fun to manage, so I’d not expect Jive to pony up for a custom Akamai account. For this reason, I’d suggest we we use ignite.jiveon.com or ignitrealtime.jiveon.com

Regarding theming, it will look different than the website and different from the current look and feel. That said, we could modifiy the website to look a bit more like the future community theme by simplifying things a bit. We can definitely do color customization and use Ignite logos, etc.

Also about performance… I have some limited ability to tweak a JiveX cloud installation, given that my day job has me directly involved with our hosting and cloud operations. With both Akamai acceleration and a bit of extra memory, we should have a reasonable experience. I’d really epxect it to surpass what we have now.

Re: Community Spam filter: CONFIRMED new anti-spam features are in JiveX as we would migrate to it.

*.jiveon.com has an SSL certificate, so SSL login is finally possible. While a *.igniterealtime.org certificate would be nice for jira ssl - but that’s another topic.

Daryl did post the web page svn location, I had no time to slurp and review it yet.

Yes, SSL is good. Another note regarding performance… the JiveX installation we’ll have is distinct VM’s with lots of resources per VM, and each VM hosting a different service inthe JiveX installation. Performance will be much better than the preview site which is running with all services on a single VM.

Can we still upload sitemap.xml files or do we need to rely on Jives SEO?

I think robots.txt can be uploaded by Jive support only, right?

How do we include blogs and content on the homepage? Does Jive recommend

A) Use mostly static HTML pages and use the JS API to pull content? (JS API is only for Apps)

B) Use dynamic pages and the REST API?

Status update…

  1. I’ve completed a dry-run migration of the community to JiveX Cloud environment, complete with a theme. Check it out: https://igniterealtime.jiveon.com/

  2. you’ve probably noticed, but I moved the existing community to SSL.

  3. I’m nearly done porting the website from legacy APIs to newer, Jive v3 API’s. I’m not attempting to improve it a lot, but I do hope to handle errors more gracefully.

Things still to do:

  1. migrate website and other services (eg, jira) to SSL. I’m going to setup SSL then hand this of to Daryl/akrherz.

  2. complete website update (I’m also hoping for a Jive designer to help me make the website make the new community theme a bit better)

  3. user data cleanup on community: I have an old plugin that should help with this… but i need to get it working on 4.5.8

  4. Migrate!

The most time consuming task remaining is the user data cleanup. This is required though, as the new Jive doesn’t like when two users have the same username, that is… on our 4.5 version we allow two names which are the same but with differences in upper/lower case letters. Not so on Jive8… usernames should be case-insensitively unique.

So, i can’t modify the start page anymore, can’t have bookmarks?

I’ve notices SSL, but in Firefox it shows a shield, which means that the site is providing mixed http and https content and some http content can be blocked, also it can’t identify the cert.

So, i can’t modify the start page anymore, can’t have bookmarks?

I’m not sure what you are referring to here.

I’ve notices SSL, but in Firefox it shows a shield, which means that the site is providing mixed http and https content and some http content can be blocked

I see the mixed content shield… This is due to us pulling some resources from the website which is not yet on SSL. This is temporary.

it can’t identify the cert.

I’m confused about this… I see it, too. The certificate chain seems to be valid. Any suggestions? I’m pretty tired right now, so I may be missing something obvious.

I have logged into https://igniterealtime.jiveon.com/ and i don’t see any Edit Your View button to remove/add widgets and drag them. And i can’t find my bookmarks.

Can’t suggest anything about the cert, just reporting.

Bookmarks still exist… the UI is quite a bit different though. They are primarily access through the search bar/UI.

Customization will be reduced so there may be some differences with widgets, however, you may not have some newly required permission. I’ll investigate a bit.

It’s no longer an “Edit Your View” button… as I believe in 5.0 or 6.0 Jive dropped per user views… as a community manager you can configure the shared view.

It’s in your “user icon” menu (next to search), “manage Overview page”.

Also, each Space and Group can be similarly configured.

I have found my bookmarks, thanks. As about shared view, i don’t really want to force my point of view on others. It probably can be tinkered a bit (current view), but will have to accommodate most common needs of users.

LG also reported an issue with the SSL on the community. The main page login form was POSTing via HTTP not over SSL.

I’ve resolved this.

As soon as we get the website on SSL, I think all the weird warnings will be gone.

I have noticed that smileys are not shown in the forums now


Website is now on SSL and Firefox no longer warns me about the community having mixed content. The website does warn, however.

That will get cleaned up partially as Daryl works on moving services under SSL. It may still have some warnings until I finish migrating the community to the JiveX Cloud installation.