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Jive MUC invite bug?

Hi, first of all kudos to all the Jive Messenger developers. You are doing a great job.

I downloaded Jive Messenger 2.1.3 and run it on Windows 2000 Server. I have Smack 1.5.0 clients (Windows) as well as Exodus 0.9.1 and gaim 1.2.1 clients. I am encountering an issue when creating a MUC conference room from a Smack 1.5.0 client. The owner of the room invites two participants after conference room creation, say user1 and user2. If I

a) set the Jive Messenger “Offline Message Policy” to “Bounce” AND

b) do not log user2 into an IM client before the invite goes out to user2,

then the owner of the conference room receives a element from Jive, which causes the connection between the owner and the server to be terminated. Is this a bug?

The workaround for this issue is to set the “Offline Message Policy” to “Store” (I haven’'t tested “Drop” yet).

Incidentally, although I use the latest Exodus client, all MUC invites to this client cause access violations in Exodus, which lead to uncontrolled client behavior. Does anybody have a better experience with Exodus? gaim seems to handle MUC perfectly well.

Hey kaiserone,

Thanks for the bug report. I’‘ve filed the issue JM-279 for this problem. When a fix is available I’'m going to update this thread.


– Gato

Hey kaiserone,

Problem fixed. You can download tomorrow’'s nightly build and try again.


– Gato