Jive Rewards system (quests, badges)

This started with a wrong popup after the recent Jive-x update Issue with hover/avatar - points

So, our forums instance has been switched to use Rewards instead of older Status Level module. It has fancy quests and badges to engage the users. I have been skeptical on this, but can’t throw it out of my head for some reason

Maybe we can leave Strategy quests on (but edit them a bit maybe, some are too complex for our setup). Or maybe create a few new ones. I don’t know. Maybe it is not worth it and we can just leave the old scheme of awarding a few points for new or helpful content (and basing anti-spam filter on that) and be good with that.

Rewards menu can be accesses from you personal menu (top menu row, expand button near the avatar).

So, some of you have received various badges and levels probably I’ve been tinkering with Rewards here and there, created a few quests, adjusted points for Strategy badges. But it looks like some bots are constantly browsing through the forums or something, as after enabling 1 point for “someone viewed your profile or your content” it started generating tons of points for everyone. Virality quest overloaded So, disabled points for this and it’s back to normal. Jive…