Jive sending back duplicate groups in roster


I am running Jive Messenger 2.2.2 on Fedora Core 1 and have installed jwchat on tomcat 5

I have set up Shared groups and installed the Registration properties plugin to auto-add new users to a particular group.

Apparantly, some times (for some users) jive returns a weird roster xml:

(I highlighted the problem areas)

some are having a group mentioned twice…

when i then check the database (messenger.script) after shutting down the server: I notice following statements (among more of them):

INSERT INTO JIVEROSTER VALUES(10,’‘niki.driessen’’,’‘vangened@realjava.flexvps.nl’’,3,-1,-1,’‘David Vangeneugden’’)

INSERT INTO JIVEROSTER VALUES(29,’‘niki.driessen’’,’‘driessni@realjava.flexvps.nl’’,3,-1,-1,’‘Niki Driessen’’)

after cross-checking, you see that (i suppose the entry is made when you adjust the users nickname) they get listed duplicately in the roster xml,

I checked with exodus, and there the users are only displayed once, but apparantly, exodus filters the duplicates (problably notices that the user already is in the group)

by the way, deleting those lines fixes the problem…