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Jive server, exodus clients and roster issues

I know this isn’‘t a Jive question, per se, but I figured I’‘d see if anyone here has run across the same thing as I haven’'t heard back from the exodus mailing list.

I removed all the groups from AD so no groups would get recognized by the admin console. But for some reason, I still see the groups i created as rosters in all my exodus clients. I try to remove them from exodus (as they are gone from AD and jive admin console) and either nothing happens or I get an exodus output error. I’‘m not sure if the rosters are resident in the jive database and need to get wiped or if it’'s a client issue with exodus.

Any ideas?


Hey pmac2,

Press F12 before logging in from Exodus. This will open the debugger window. Once you have logged in look in the debugger window for the IQ packets that contain . Post those packets so we can be figure out if this is a server or client issue.


– Gato

BTW, you can also use another client and check if the groups are still appearing in the roster.


– Gato

Thanks Gato! Here’'s a clip of the debug as I logged in.


Oh, I’'ve also tried it with the spark client and these groups also show up. At least on that client I can delete them but on 1 client they came back after re-logging in.

What do you think??? Thanks for your help!

Hey pmac2,

According to the IQ packet that the server is sending to the client, the client should have 2 groups: JennerBuddies and IMgroup_Pilot. Remember that you cannot remove users from groups that are shared groups. So if any of the above groups are shared groups then you won’‘t be able to delete adminxxx@lnxim01.company.com. That’'s the reason why you are getting the not-acceptable error.

BTW, can you tell us how are you removing the groups in Spark? Spark should not let you remove gorup users if the group is a shared group.


– Gato

Good to know Gato! These were shared groups but I disabled them before I removed the groups from AD. I’‘ll put them groups back into teh baseDN so the admin console will recognize them and make sure they are no longer shared, then I’'ll see if I can delete them from the clients.

As for the Spark, I just right-clicked and deleted them. It’‘s weird because those groups only come back on 2 of the 5 clients I’'m testing with.

Thanks again for your help, I’'ll let you know how it goes.


Gato, another question. I tried to remove some members of the 2 groups and I get this message. I can’'t remove anyone and or the group. Thoughts?


Internal Server Error


Thank you!