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Jive Stops

I have the jive version 2.0.1

I have it installed on redhat 2.1

Here is what the info log says:

2004.12.17 12:40:38 Jive Messenger 2.0.1 Started

2004.12.17 12:40:39 Started SSL (encrypted) socket on port: 5223

2004.12.17 12:40:39 Started plain (unencrypted) socket on port: 5222

2004.12.17 12:40:39 Multi User Chat domain: conference.wink.paperlesspractice.com

2004.12.17 12:40:42 Started admin console on port: 9090

2004.12.17 16:44:20 Jive Messenger stopped

2004.12.17 16:44:20 Server halted

Nothing in any of the other logs, the jive server just stops. How can I find out why?



I received this a couple minutes ago after being signed in for a couple hours:

The server is shutting down immediately

I did a reinstall and used the internal DB rather than MYSQL and that did not seem to help either.

today after the new install it was up for 2 hours and then quit.

Any error messages in your error logs? We haven’'t seen this behavior before so would really like to get to the bottom of it.



No, that is the weird thing.

I can create users, send messages, create chat rooms, view the admin area, but none of the logs say anything except for the info log.

Is there some more indepth logging feature I can turn on?


I found where I could enable the debug log in admin so hopefully that will provide the info needed to find out what is going on.


How are you starting up the server? Are you just doing it from the command-line via SSH, using nohup?



I do this from the bin directory

./startup.sh &

Is that the correct way?


You need to make sure that you use nohup when you start it

the following will work:

nohup ./server.sh &

When you logout of ssh/close your terminal the application receives SIGHUP signal, this will kill the server unless you use nohup.

Also if you are wanting to run the server as a daemon, the newer version of messenger in CVS has an init script. The script is in the bin/extra directory. Make sure you follow the instructions in the script.

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I am curios as to why nohup is needed.

./server.sh & starts the program in the background which allows me to logout and have the server keep running. I logout to test it and the server still runs.

I will start it with Nohup to see how that works, I am just curious as to why it is necessary.



Try the nohup. The server shouldn’'t be running if you run it in the background and just logout.

As I mentioned earlier when you close your ssh connection the SIGHUP is sent to all your child processes. Background processes will also receive the hangup signal.

The java virtual machine will shutdown if it receives this signal. The nohup command will ignore the signal and make sure that its child processes do not receive the server.

If nohup fails, is there a chance that there is something else running that would be sending a SIGKILL signal to the application? It looks as if the server is stopping nicely, meaning it is receiving SIGHUP or SIGKILL and not crashing or receiving SIGTERM.

I have it running using the nohup. Thanks for your help. I will see how it goes.


That had to have been it, my jive server has been running since we last chatted yesterday.

Thanks again!