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Jive user name format

What format does Jive use to assign user names, once a user has chosen:

i.e. a user is created called “tom”, that name seems to appear as “tom_server”, not the typical "tom@server.com" as is with Jabber. Is this correct?

Hi Slylos,

The JID format is as per the XMPP spec. Try creating a user from the admin console, it uses the name you give it. e.g. tom@mydomain.

Some other clients may behave differently i.e. they might be formatting the name before you send it or it could simply be a view presentation. I have registered users via PSI/Gaim clients and it behaves exactly as if I created the user in the admin console.

Hope that helps,


entering "user@server.com" isn’‘t accepted by Jive, you enter a plain user name, and it appends the server’'s host name apparently.

Hi slylos,

I think maybe where the confusion is in that Messenger stores usernames as simply , the is appended when the server creates a JID .

Hope that helps,