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Jive using internal database regardless of setup

Using Jive v2.1.1 on Windows Server 2003 w/LDAP

Installs fine, setup runs fine. I set it up to use mysql during the web-admin setup, with database created and populated.

I noticed that there didn’‘t seem to be any data in in the database tables, so I checked the server-db.jsp page in the admin console, and it says it’'s using the internal database. Any idea why it would disregard my setup pref? Also, is it possible to change jdbc after initial setup?

Great app btw, and thanks a bunch!

Following is what the console reports:

Database Connection Info

Database and Version: HSQL Database Engine 1.7.3

JDBC Driver: HSQL Database Engine Driver

JDBC Driver Version: 1.7.3

DB Connection URL: jdbc:hsqldb:C:\Program Files\Jive Messenger\embedded-db\messenger

DB User: SA

Transaction Support: Yes


Supports multiple connections

open at once: Yes

In read-only mode: No

Figured this out. Was copying the jive-messenger.xml from my test setup for the ldap settings. Test setup was using the internal database. Weeeird.