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Jive2.2.0Beta1 Testing S2S - Issues

Ok here’'s the test bed:

Server 1 - Jive 2.2.0B1 on Slackware 10 (This used to be a Jabberd2.0CVS) behind a SOHO Router

Server 2 - Jabberd2.0CVS on Mandrake 10 behind a SOHO router

Server 3 - Jabberd1.4.X modified by Jabber.org

First off - Using 1 client, PSI with all 3 accounts setup on a laptop located local to Server 1. PSI is setup to auto accept all new roster requests.


  • All data from Server 3 does not seem to be accepted by Server 1.

  • Remove roster items from both Server 3 and Server 1, Restart Server 1 and I’'m able to add roster items back but can not send messages from Server 3 to Server 1

  • JiveAdmin shows S2S sessions to both Server 2 and Server 3

  • After 30 min all data between Server 2 and Server 1 stops, requiring a restart of Jive on Server 1

I’'ll keep testing, I have a couple friends with Jabberd2s that I can test against.


OK, just to followup on the Server 1 to Server 2 Issues, I went out to BBQ some burgers and when I came back in things were working again, so now the problem is upgraded to intermittent, but Im not sure on which side, I’‘ve never had an issue with the performance of Server 2 before so I’'m not 100% sure.


Ok …

Ignore this thread, the latest nightly has all of my problems resolved.