Jive8 minor issues

I see a Calendar in every place - maybe because I’m admin or can everyone use a place calendar?

My email prefs were changed and email notifications were on … maybe because I did look at things during the update or a problem for all users?

I really prefer the new way but:

  1. It seems to be no way to use /activity as the home page

  2. There is no “create content” button left to the user icon.

Will the URL change to igniterealtime.jiveon.com or will it be hidden behind community.igniterealtime.org?

Responsive design hint: Use a small browser window for the mobile look and feel – rotate your mobile in landscape mode for the full UI.

It seems that the used widget is incompatible with responsive design - for me only the announcements are displayed.

Feel free to add more things, edit this doc or comment, these are just my thought.

Likely solved

It seems that all content is moderated … I did just approve 2 discussions without link (and I did enable and disable moderation on /admin/community-moderation-settings.jspa).

Calendar… you are referring to the events functionality. I can disable it if you wish. It is probably not a great fit or need for Ignite.

I changed the homepage config so that /activity should be working now.

The global “create content” menu is a checkbox in the admin console. I can enable it now if desired.

URL change… I am still waiting on an internal process at Jive to change the URL back to community.igniterealtime.org … I apologize for this ever happening. It’s a frustrating problem for me as well.

@“The global “create content” menu is a checkbox in the admin console.” Let’s wait some time - if users like the activity stream then they need the create content button.

MobileUI works fine with Activity Stream.

Calendar is likely more confusing than helpful, please disable it

The ‘wrong’ URL will hopefully be fixed soon …

Ok, we are good on these items except that I’m still waiting on the URL fix. My contact within Jive is actually waiting on a third party to deliver something. I’ll keep you posted.

Why is it so slow? I have to wait for 10 seconds for a few comments to load on a document. I open a thread and start reading and after a few seconds it loads “Correct Answer” buttons and bumps my view…

Also, it is weird to see personal messages of other users in the Overview. I guess that’s because i’m and admin, but still. It is PM and i don’t want to see it in my view.

Migration of the DNS/URL is complete.

Comments now load faster. But it can’t remember my login for one day now. Have to relogin every day.

Seems like Messages are not working fine. It can only store the subject, but not the message body. When i press Send the window doesn’t close.

I’m sorry you are having issues with Messages. I just sent you a message with no problem. Also, akrherz and I have been able to send messages back and forth with no issue.

Ok, after removing all the cookies related to igniterealtime PM now works in Firefox

I already said this above, it is weird to be able to see the content of other people personal conversations. Probably meant for moderation.

Yet another good reason to use /activity instead of /welcome (;

Overview page -> Manage and then configure “Your view” --> Hide “Show Direct Messages” fixed this problem. I’m not sure whether one really wants to get them there and also in inbox.

Everything is set to show there … discussions, blogs and documents are fine - but the other things? Should we disable them?

I’ve already said in another place that Activity is not good for me (i’m trying to use it sometimes). Too much information hidden and having to click show more too often. Also don’t want to see profile updates and same stuff.

I can’t find the preference you are referring. Is it per user or global? I think we can safely remove personal messages from the global view. Even if only moderators see them in there. Blogs and docs are ok. Haven’t seen anything else on the Overview page.

I see that you have already disabled Messages. I have also turned off Bookmarks, Shares and External activities. Not sure what People does, but as i haven’t seen anything like that, probably no harm to leave on. Also added groups and removed top users.