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jiveGroupUser - random unknown accounts being added

I’'ve got what I think is a private Wildfire Server, but users keep getting added to the jiveGroupUser. And to make matters worst, they have spaces in thier user names, like Captain T Kurk@jabber.domain.com and the spaces breaks the logins for everyone.

When I go to the Users/Groups -> Group Summary, I can see them all listed. They appear to be remote users since they have the full @jabber.domain.com, but we don’‘t have remotes users adn I don’'t think our local users are adding them. They have red stars next to their names and at the bottom it says: “* Note: Remote users or entities should accept presence subscriptions automatically.”

Why are these accounts being created? Where do they come from? How can I stop it?


You may also want to change your admin password, using /user-password.jsp?username=admin and make sure that you are the only server admin. Only the admin should be able to modify server side groups.

Do you need s2s connections? You may disable it here: /server2server-settings.jsp


I have s2s connections turned off. I don’‘t believe (99.9%) it’'s not a person adding the new accounts through the administrator. Could they be being added through someones roster or because someone tries to send an IM to a person not in the group?

Hey NeoRye,

Currently, groups cannot be managed from a client. We are planning to add support for ad-hoc commands in the future so that admins can manage groups (and the whole server) from their client. That means that currently the only way to change groups is from the admin console (not even s2s). Options are that someone is logging in the admin console or that you have a plugin that is making those changes.


– Gato

Oops, you’'re right.

I’‘m automatically creating accounts based on firstname and last name, but I’'m not removing extra spaces the users may have entered someplace within there. I simply trimmed firstname and lastname and then concatenated them. Some users like to include their middle initial as part of their first name.