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Jiveuser table - creationDate

Hi, i´m trying to integrate jive messenger with my php intranet.

For that i´m inserting directly in jiveuser table the user info at the registration.

I´m having a problem with creationDate. I thought that “time()” would be enought but that doesn´t work since as it is an invalid date to jive he is assuming 1970.

What is the correct format ?


The correct time format is the number of miliseconds since Jan 1 1970, 0 padded to 15 characters.

Hey jcorreia,

If you insert data directly into the database then Messenger may not have that information available in memory so you may need to restart the server afterwards. Having said that, Messenger stores the dates in a particular format. Dates are stored as a fifteen character long String made up of the Date’'s padded millisecond value. Where the milliseconds of a Date is the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT.


– Gato


Another doubt…since i insert users directly on mysql table, do i have to take care with jiveid table ?

What is the this table for ?


What is the this table for ?

From SequenceManager javadoc:


Manages sequences of unique ID’‘s that get stored in the database. Database support for sequences varies widely; some don’'t use them at all. Instead, we handle unique ID generation with a combination VM/database solution.

A special table in the database doles out blocks of unique ID’'s to each virtual machine that interacts with Jive. This has the following consequences:

There is no need to go to the database every time we want a new unique id.

Multiple app servers can interact with the same db without id collision.

The order of unique id’'s may not correspond to the creation date of objects.

There can be gaps in ID’'s after server restarts since blocks will get “lost” if the block size is greater than 1.

Each sequence type that this class manages has a different block size value. Objects that aren’'t created often have a block size of 1, while frequently created objects such as entries and comments have larger block sizes.



Another doubt…since i insert users directly on

mysql table, do i have to take care with jiveid table

Urg, we really need to write this up since a lot of people run into this issue. Instead of copying data into the Jive Messenger database table, it’‘s much cleaner to pull information directly from your existing user system. You only have to implement two Java interfaces to connect to whatever database your user info resides in and then dynamically pull user data on demand. That’'s a much cleaner solution than copying data in.