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JM 2.2.0 - Why Connection closed before session established?

I just installed JM as a replacement for Jabberd so I know my networks, firewalls etc are ok. I installed 2.2.0 and have updated Java to 1.4.2. The Admin works fine but I get this message: “Connection closed before session established” when trying to put any client Online.

I have tried two clients: Psi and Miranda with both local (ie same machine) and remote (on WAN) connections. Same problem.

I tested with users created using admin and also with anonymous access it’‘s the same there too. I have checked the IP allow lists and 192.168.0.* is set as are specific IP’'s for the remotes. I am not using SSL. i am using the embedded database.

Typical message: Socket[addr=/,port=1115,localport=5222]

2005.08.22 12:29:53 org.jivesoftware.messenger.net.SocketReader.run(SocketReader.java:145) Connection closed before session established

and from the debug log: 2005.08.22 12:29:53 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=1116,localport=5222]

2005.08.22 12:29:53 Closed connection to client attempting to connect from:

( is also the server machine IP.)

Platform is Windows 2000 using a 1Ghz CPU and 512mb ram.

I see that this occured before but was supposed to be fixed in this release.

Any ideas on what is wrong?

I can’'t remember for sure; but, I think that all Jive versions recommend Java 1.5.x. I hope that will solve your problems for you.

Shucks, suck, spit… cracked it!

I served my time as a software tester some time back so I engaged “test thinking”.

The answer is a subtle but naughty one. I entered a list of IP addresses for my “accept” list. The looks good but there should have been commas between them (ok, as in the example above it). Adding commas, even if the list is still vertical, fixes the problem.

Now, for something that breaks Jive so easily, there should have been some validation of my IP list entry before accepting it. Alternatively, add the IP addresses one at a time (as in add user) so this couldn’'t happen. And validate the IP address construction at the same time maybe?

I wonder if this has been the problem all along?

Thanks for the bug report, I’'ve filed it as JM-380.



Has there been any other resolution to this issue? I’‘m running plain text login, and running with a wide-open access list, and I’'m still getting these errors from GAIM and NEOS clients.