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JM-281 when

In what version will be included JM-281 “Add support for Kerberos/NTLM”?


it will not be the 6th April version 2.6.0, so I assume it may be the 2.6.3 or 2.7.0 version which should be released in May or June.

Maybe Matt or Gato want to give you a much more detailed date or as it’'s he right time they a preparing an easter egg and it will be released much sooner.


I can confirm that that the feature won’'t be in 2.6.0. However, please keep voting for it. The more votes we get for a feature, the higher priority we give it.



For those watching this topic, JM-281 is very close. There’'s a small base64 encoding fix that needs to happen (JM-644), and then forced SASL authentication should work. (By forced I mean the client picks a SASL mechanism that is not announced).

Hopefully once we get to this stage the WF team can implement configurable announcements of SASL methods so that unpatched clients can connect.