JM memory problems and maximum clients connections


Im deploying a Jive Messenger service on a Fedora Core 2 P4 2.4 GHz with 512 DDR, the corporation has about 350 employees.

Whats the max number of connections that support jive messenger and how much memory does it need, because right know I have about 50 users online and already has used 40 % of the memory.

I setup the jive server to use as max 480 MB of memory RAM.

Please help me out how to make it use less memory or if im going to need to change to another jabber server.

Thanks for your time and your help

Miguel Zuñiga

Network Admin

40% doesnt mean that other 50 users will take another 40%. Whats the load of server, i mean what is the intensity of users? I have 80 users with 64MB SDRAM and 500MHz, it’‘s using 100% of RAM and a lot of swap. But it works normally. It’'s hard to calculate something operating only with users number. Best way is to test it with real users.