Join on startup causes false new message notifications

The supervisors in my office are included in ~10 chat conferences. When “join on startup” is enabled for each conference, the following happens upon logging in:

–new message pop-ups occur for each of the ~10 conferences. Occurs even when there are no new messages. They always display the last message for each conference, regardless of how hold the messages are

–each conference tab is lit, indicating a new message. Occurs even when there are no new messages

This is cumbersome for the supervisors, as they need to carefully click through each tab to ensure they aren’t missing actual new messages. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Spark details:

Spark 2.7.0

Build: 671

Ignite Realtime

License, Version 2.0

Smack Version: 3.3.1

JRE Version: 1.7.0_76



Are you using a Substance skin (not the default JTattoo Luna)? Because i can reproduce it with Substance skin. But popups aren’t shown when JTatoo Luna skin is in use.

I have reopened a ticket to look into Substance skins issue, but this may never be resolved (no active developers here) [SPARK-1565] Roar plugin shouldn’t show many popups when joining a chat room with old history - Jive Software Open Sourc…

It looks like it is happening with JTattoo skins also. And sometimes it doesn’t happen with either skin. Hard to reproduce and to find cause.

Thank you for reopening the ticket. I am unfamiliar with Substance/JTattoo skins but will inquire.

Confirmed we have Select Look & Feel = JTattooLuna

And i’m currently not able to reproduce this issue at all.

Hmm, OK. And you have approximately 10 conference rooms, each containing messages + Join on Startup selected?

I was able to reproduce this with just one room and without auto join at first. Then it stopped. Now i have tried with a higher number of rooms and it is easier to reproduce indeed. Also, on one machine 2-3 first rooms are showing in red and with a number of unread messages. Though it doesn’t do the same on another machine. This probably depends on the resources of the machines and how fast it can process everything. The core issue i think is the “race condition” problem which Spark is plagued with in various places. E.g. if you receive an offline message while Spark is starting, the chat window will automatically open even before systray icon appears and in that chat window there will be no emoticons picker. Message receiving code fires up faster than the GUI code and such mess happens. I will update the ticket with this additional info, but to fix this we need a very skilled java programmer (also skilled in Java Swing graphical interface). I have already looked into Roar’s listener code (which is showing popups) and haven’t found anything (again, i’m not a java programmer). Also the thing that tabs light up in red shows that the problem is not in the popups code, but somewhere deeper.

Right on, thank you for investigating further and for updating the ticket. --Zach