JRE 6, will it improve performance

Hi Guys

Last year I read some posts on the forum saying that with the release of JRE6 the maximum concurrent connections should increase. Is this true, has anybody benched Wildfire with JRE6 yet, if so what is the estimate concurrent connections on 1 server (without any connection managers).

As I understood the reason for low concurrent connection limitation is the JRE – if this is incorrect would anybody mind explaining the limitation and workarounds… (Think of something that should possible handle 2 or 300 000 concurrent connections)

I’‘m aware that system resources is a major factor so don’'t bother explaining about that.

Os suggestions are welcome, I read on Microsoft’‘s site that win 2003 server can in theory handle up to 1million concurrent connections. I’'m no Linux guru yet but I know my way around it. So if you think Linux is a better jabber server please feel free to convince me…

Thanks in advance

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Hi jacques,

You might want to look at Gato’'s blog post Scalability: Turn it to Eleven and subsequent forum post to get an idea of where Wildfire stands on scalability with the upcoming 3.2 release and JRE 1.6. A quick summary would be, “Pretty awesome!”

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the info, thats excellent news.

Hi Jacques,

actually the 1.6 JRE will not improve performance so much and as far as I know Wildfire 3.2 does not require JRE 1.6. It’'s the Java NIO stuff which improves the performance a lot even if you use JRE 1.5.0.


Hi LG,

You’'re correct Wildfire 3.2 does not require JRE 1.6. I guess I should have been more clear in my original response, running Wildfire 3.2 with JRE 1.6 does provide an additional performance boost over running Wildfire 3.2 with JRE 1.5.



Just to provide additional clarification – we highly recommend using JDK 1.6 with Wildfire whenever possible. There are some big performance improvements and some nice stability/management features.



Hi Matt,

do you still use the buggy SSL implementation of Jetty for port 9091 which prevents one to use IBM’'s 1.6 JRE with the web SSL port?

IBM’'s JRE is still in “Early Access” stage so I really wonder how much faster (and more stable / manageable) Wildfire gets using JRE 1.6 compared to JRE 1.5.

While it seems that there are no new management tools for JRE 1.6.


Hey LG,

It has been reported that Java 6 can be somewhere between 10% and 20% faster than Java 5. Those numbers were reported in the MINA forum as part of intensive tests that were run.


– Gato