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JRE or not to JRE and 3.10.2 to 4.5.4

We have been running Openfire 3.10.2 on a Win2012 R2 server for many years.
We are considering the move to the 4.5.4, but have some questions.

Please keep in mind, while I was recently made the admin, I was not around when this was brought online and have no experience with Openfire to date.

Questions list:

  1. What is the real difference between the JRE and non-JRE version
  2. We have plugins like client control, broadcast, monitoring, and search. If we go with non JRE do these plugins still work with it
  3. Since we are moving from 3.10.2 all the way up, what are the “gotcha” problems to prepare for or avoid.
  4. We are using Spark 2.7.1 and will replace with 2.9.2, or will 2.7.1 work OK for now with latest 4.5.4

Two other questions.
Is the 3.10.2 a JRE version and how do I tell?
Is there possible problems moving from a previous JRE version to a non JRE version.

The only difference between JRE and non-JRE is that in the first case jre folder is bundled in the package (you can find it in the installation folder). Which contains Java Runtime Environment, simply Java. You can install and keep updated your own installation of Java on the server, if you wish. Using JRE bundled is easier and it is not affecting other apps on the system that use Java. This is your choice which one to use. Other than that both versions are completely identical. Plugins are not affected by that.

Yes, it would be a big jump, so maybe read on this Explanation: upgrading Openfire

2.7.1 should still work.

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Thank you for that info. I had searched the forum a few times and couldn’t find enough to make decisions on. What you have provided is a good guide. Much appreciated.