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JSR168 Portlet Client?

I’‘m using Liferay as a JSR168 Portal and I’'d like to include your jabber client in my Portal as a Portlet. Any plans for a Spark JSR168 compliant portlet?

I’'m using oracle portal, and that would be a great idea for a portlet.

Are you imaginging that the roster would be displayed in a portlet and if you click on a jid to chat to someone this would open up another window?


I hope that you don’'t want to do what you posted here. This jabber client uses 20+ MB memory for each user, so your portal will need some more memory very soon.

There are Web Based clients like JWChat which should integrate much better in a web portal.

If you really need to include java classes in your portal then Smack (the open source API which is used in Spark) should be the better solution.


actually on second thoughts, if someone refreshed the page, how long would it take to keep loading that java applet? this would be an ideal candidate for an ajax application.

[/nobr]Hi Orlando,

did I read there “java applet”? You may know the Spark Webstart application, the applet would have a similar size. As java and/or the browser cache applets and webstart applications locally it should load very fast. But an applet is something which is executed on client side, it sounds “interesting” to insert applets in a portal page.


hmm, yeah, either a webstart or an applet would take a bit of time, even if it is cached locally, everytime you refresh your webpage, it currently re-starts it and performs a login to the wildfire server. Can we have an ajax client???

http://jwchat.sourceforge.net/ - “JWChat is a full featured, web-based Jabber? client. Written using AJAX technology it relies on JavaScript and HTML at the client-side only.”

You can customize JWChat to your needs, and integrate it in a portal like Op3racional did (see http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/message.jspa?messageID=112198 ).


thanks for the heads up, I tried using jwchat, it’'s pretty good, but not as feature rich as spark, and not as easy to setup, i had to mess with python,punjab and twisted to get it to work.

Hi Orlando,

what are you taking about? Use Tomcat, wildfire.war and jwchat.war - modify config.js and you’‘re done. The interaction with Spark usually causes problems because of the empty notification messages, so it’'s one or the other but not both.


so does wildfire support http binding or polling, can’'t remember now, but i had to use punjab because of it. I tried some servlet solution also but could not get it to work. ?

Hi Orlando,

jwchat.war includes JabberHTTPBind.