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JSXC Openfire plugin 4.3.1-1 released!

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the immediate availability of version 4.3.1 release 1 of the JSXC plugin for Openfire, our open source real time collaboration server solution! This plugin can be used to conveniently make available the web-based JSXC client (a third-party developed project) to users of Openfire.

The upgrade from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1 brings a small number of changes from the JSXC project which appear to be mostly bug fixes and small improvements. Please review the changelog for more information.

Over the next few hours, your installation of Openfire should automatically detect the availability of this new release. Alternatively, you can download the new version right now from the plugin’s archive page.

If you’re interested in engaging with the community that builds Openfire and its plugins, please come join us in our forum or chat room!
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Hi Guus,

May I ask how do we update this as it is not a jar file so wont update via the backend of openfire admin.
Thus, what is the best way to get the update from jxsc 4.3.0 to 4.3.1? In the backend I do not see nay “Update” button as all I see is an Upload button. In the columns there is a reset but that wont do an update either so where may I ask can one update this plugin from?

Hi Fuquan. The download for me is a .jar file that can be uploaded into Openfire directly. Additionally, if you have a previous version installed, then Openfire will alert you that a new version is available, as shown in this screenshot:

Openfire will only periodically check for new updates for plugins. You can manually trigger this by clicking on the link that’s all the way at the bottom of the “available plugins” page in the admin console, as shown here:

Hi Guus,

Thanks for the prompt feedback. But somehow I am not seeing anything on the page at the bottom or next to the jsxc like what I see you have. I have here tried to paste an image in this comment box but cant see it I hope it will show. so that you can see what I am seeing. Also the file I get when I download the plugin is a tar/zip file options when unzipped just the folders/files bundle. no .jar

You’re looking at the wrong page. That link is on the “available plugins” page, not on the page that shows the plugins that are already installed.

A jar file indeed is a zip archive. You should not extract the file, but use it as-is.

Hi Guus,
Thanks for yours but that is the actual page where jsxc is and the available page is when you click the below menu item on the left they both have the same footer. (see attachment) as the whole. page is too long to snip.
Also I have tried uploading the zip file but it does nothing hence why I then first unzipped it to identify its contents. I then thought probably its a permissions or browser issue (checked that out to as one is admin) but the same happens in all four browsers on computer so least likely that.

If anyone has the actual .jar file unzipped to download probably that may help.
So right now I am still wondering what one may be overlooking on this.

Hi Guus,

Thanks for the assistance as finally got it to upload a .jar file extension which i downloaded then uploaded from here instead (Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins).

Enjoy your weekend

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