Just installed 3.5.0 and can't get users to stay connected

Ok, we had a box that had a HD drive die the other day. So we’ve rebuild the box on CentOS 5.1 and just installed openfire 3.5.0 (previous version was a old wildfire setup). only have 4 users, all using trillian 3.1 build for the connection client currently.

No iptables on the box and I can’t get the client to connect and stay connected. I’ve enabled debugging but I don’t see the attempts. The firewall has port 5222 and port 9091 open from last box build that did work. Everything looks good.

Where can I start looking to see what is wrong? The guy who built the last box is out of town this week and we need it back up before he comes back as it’s a part of our monitoring notification system.


well nobody responded… I ended up uninstalling the rpm, deleting the leftover stuff and re-installing and it worked second time.