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Jwchat (again :P)

hello folks,

here am i with another jwchat problem. i’‘ve tryied in their’'s forum but got no answer

the problem now is with a proxy between the client and the server.

when there is no proxy, jwchat works fine.

when there is a proxy (any kind), it keep disconnecting after say 4 minutes.

now i’'m using the .war file of jwchat (with jabberhttpbind).

i’'ve tryied jwhcat with punjab, but have the same problem.

don’'t know if the problem is because the i use the port 2510 (not 5222).

does anyone have a clue what is happening?



Sounds to me like the proxy is configured to close connections it perceives as idle after a certain amount of time.

i don’‘t think it’‘s that because even if the client keeps sending message, the proxy disconnects. i think maybe it’‘s another port that the application uses besides 80 and 8080. don’'t know…