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Ist there any detailed Tutorial how i have to setup my Server running Wildfire (3.2.0), to run jwchat. If i say detailed, it means, i wannt a Step by Step tutorial that shows every important setting on every important config.

Thank You

Hi nachtspion,

there’'s no tutorial available and as you need to patch a few things in JWChat (last release July 2006, not really an active project, look into the JWChat forum for issues with Wildfire) to get it working I wonder if one really wants to use it.


thx for your reply, which webclient do you propose?


take a look at http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=24456 for other clients / projects. I don’'t use one of them but I did use and not like JWChat.


Here’'s the one I wrote, after first time using JwChat : http://www.blochberger.de/en_jwchat_how_to.htm

Go to http://zeank.in-berlin.de/ for the latest version of JSJaC and JabbetHTTPbind. Download JwChat sources from their CVS repository, it’'s much easier to start from than the example coming with JSJaC.


JWChat5 (JWChat + Red5 Audio/video + Wildfire http-bind)

It is a Wildfire plugin and there is no configuration required to make JWChat work with Wildfire http-bind. All the work is done in the plugin.

However there are still compatiblity problems between the latest build of JWChat and Wildfire that may require fixes made by other members of this forum.

Hope that helps


Hey dele this sounds very good, cause i was searchin for a solution like that! I am very happy that u made a plug in for Pandion, cause i think this is the best Jabber Client. Together with the jwchat plugin it is the best plug in available for Wildfire!!!

Do i have to install the RED 5 Server before, or is it included on your Wildfire RED 5 plugin?

I use Wildfire Server 3.2.0, is it compatible or just for 3.1.1?

Thank you very much!

The Red5 Plugin has all the Red5 0.6 RC1 server code and the JWChat web client plus some extra code I wrote to access Wildfire http-bind from IE and Firefox without making any configuration changes to jwchat.

I also added some code to configure Wildfire http-bind parameters based on information from various http-bind discussions going on in the forum.

You need Wildfire 3.2.0 for the http-bind. It won’'t work with 3.1.1


Hi! Jwchat5 is not showing me the Transport Tab in Preference menu… I have installed wildfire 3.2 RC2 + IM Gateway plugin.

Any ideas??


I just want to say, very good work dele. Didnt tested the Video Plugin yet, but jwchat is runnin now! I will test Audio/Video the next days, but i think it will also work well.

I saw that the Video are not password protected, so anyone can see it? Do you include a security patch in the future, so only the Chatters who are allowed can see the Videos?

Yes, thanks Dele – I am also testing the Red5 plugin on the 3.2.0. RC1 Wildfire server and it looks very good. I think I just need to find where to change the default server name on the Join Groupchat link.

Hi dele,

just wanted to say GREAT, your red5 plugin. Install was a piece of cake and is working so far like a charme.

Haven’‘t tried the video yet as I wan’'t use it propably.

But one question so, as I am still new to wildfire and jabber anyways: How would I be able to have an encrypted session with https:// ?

Is it possible and what port and where should I set this ?

In the mean time wildfire 3.2.0 has to get finetuned and stable.


Thanks for the kind comments.

As I explained elsewhere in another thread, I read somewhere that JWChat was originally designed for ejabbered. I have noticed it has a number of compatibility issues with Wildfire which includes MUC and the IM gateway.

As part of the work I am doing to integrate Red5 with Wildfire, I shall be fixing some of these issues and adding features like security and access control for Red5 audio/video to make sure users can grant access to only contacts in their roster for example. That should all apear in a later release sometime.

To access JWChat5 over secure SSL session, use the Wildfire secure port (default 9091). For example



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super, thank you for the hint.

actually, too bad that your plugin is working only with 3.2. and not with 3.1.1. As long as 3.2. is not stable enough, I guess I just have to enjoy it on my test machine.