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JWChat, JabberHTTPBind and Apache pauses

Tomcat 5.5, JabberHTTPBind 0.3, JWChat and Apache 2.0.55

Sometimes, whenr a client does the POST to the binding servlet, Apache will pause and the webpage with the JWChat frame will take ages to load (IE will not let the user use other parts of the page).

In Apaches logs, the pause seems negligable (40-60 ms), but in effect, the solution is unusable and had to be turned off. This happens since the other offices were allowed to use the JWChat client, when it was just the headquarters, it worked fine.

Does any one have any idea how to fix it, or how to tell where exactly the problem is? Any ideas at all are appreciated.

Hi Sabine,

you are using Apache with a special configuration for the HTTP-Bind, aren’'t you? I wonder if you could use Tomcat + jwchat.war without Apache, maybe this solves the problem. As you may want to run Tomcat not as root you could then add Apache as a 0815 reverse proxy without special configuration using mod_proxy and mod_http_proxy to map port 80 to 8080.


I’‘m not sure I understand correctly. I don’'t need Tomcat for anything else at the moment (not likely to change).

Do I use mod_proxy instead of mod_jk? I didn’‘t go that route because before I couldn’‘t get it to work (I’'m not a webserver expert).

Just to make sure I understand, do you mean something like this:

LoadModule proxy_module modules/mod_proxy.so

LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/mod_proxy_http.so

ProxyRequests Off

Hi Sabine,

yes, Tomcat should run fine as a stand-alone server with WifiJWChatJHB, either on port 8080 (or on port 80 if you run it asa root) and your Apache configuration looks fine. If you see no problems testing with port 8080, then using mod_proxy should be painless. You could also “ProxyPass /jwchat/ http://hostname:9090/jwchat/” as described in http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=115713 if you want to hide the admin console.


Here’'s the configuration that works:

ProxyPass /JHB/ http://jabber.myhost:8080/JHB/

ProxyPassReverse /JHB/ http://jabber.myhost:8080/JHB/

/JHB/ is also the value for httpbase in jwchats config.js

Hi Sabine,

is this configuration more stable than the one with mod_jk?

We usually use mod_proxy and not mod_jk, but there are some applications which installation guide refers to mod_jk. I don’'t want to setup configurations which cause trouble.


We’'ll have to see when we get around to testing this in the extranet environment. I will reply to you then.