JWChat/JSJaC Simple Client service-unavailable


I installed jwchat-1.0beta3 and updated the openfire, httpd config and jwchat according to README and attempted to connect using the browser jwchat login form, but get ‘Service Unavailable’ errors. I checked the opf warn.log and it writes, ‘Error parsing user request’. BOSH support was enabled in OPF, any ideas? It appears to me that the BOSH request is being rejected by OPF. Similar results were found with jsjac-1.3.1.



OK, found that, for JSJaC Simple Client jsjac-1.3.1 var JSJACHBC_USE_BOSH_VER needs to be set to false (instead of true) as was written by Enavigo*1. Simple fix, but I spent the weekend and a work day morning trying different tests. To get JWChat to work, I copied the working version of jsjac.js from jsjac-1.3.1 to the jwchat project, (replacing the jsjac.js that came with jwchat-1.3.0beta3). In OPF, I set HTTP Binding Settings BOSH to Enable, otherwise I would still see ‘Service Unavailable’ responses. I am pleased to see it working.

For my purposes I need it to be inline with the HTML page, accept login/password variables preventing ‘login twice’ scenarious, and a chatroom to autojoin so that when a user visits the page they are immediately logged in and joining a chat room. Thus I do not know if it would be suitable for production use. Anyone use it like that for their member base? Also AFAIK I need to get HTTPS working because the passwords are sent in plain text.

FYI I am using OPF v. 3.5.0.

*1 http://www.enavigo.com/2008/10/14/setting-up-jsjac-with-openfire-352/