Kaspersky - Spark.exe

Just a heads up but Kaspersky has tagged Spark.exe as “PDM:Trojan.WIn32.Generic”.

Kind of annoying…

I hope this is a false positive, but for now I’m adding an exclusion rule until I can get Spark updated to the new version.

Such detections are usually false positives, so it is better to inform your antivirus software developer about such. I see that Spark.exe for 2.6.3 was already scanned on Virustotal today and there were no detections. Kaspersky 20150512 definitions haven’t detected anything either. So it is probably a matter of updating your definitions. Spark.exe for 2.7.0 is currently queued for a scan (taking way too much time…).

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I had to add Spark 2.6.3 as an exclusion in Kaspersky throughout our network yesterday as it started blocking the application randomly throughout the organization.