Keeping Monitoring logs while changing server

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I’m looking into changing from the built in user list, to using Active directory. The problem is, I use the Monitoring Plugin, and would like to keep all the conversation logs when I build the new server. Does anyone know if the can be done, and if so, could you put a step by step list of how to do so?

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there are many problems with this. The users would have to have the same ID is the biggest. What database, Method of migration, etc.

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Well the plan would be that I already have an Active Directory domain up and running, and a seperate Openfire server that is up and running. To make some things easier, I was looking at creating a new Openfire Server, and having it authenticate and get its users and groups from Active Directory. I’m currently using the embedded-db, and would continue to use that for the new server. But now that you mention it, I would have to do something about each user ID, which would make things a little more complicated that I want.

So I guess theres no simple copy and pasting directories like when moving users between Wildfire and Openfire

Unfortunately no easy copy paste. The monitoring plugin would be JID specific for its logs. I might also suggest migrating to a new database such as MySQL It makes it easier to migrate specific tables of data in the future.

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Not quite the answer I was hoping for, but I guess not everything can be simple haha.