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Key Community Members are now Forum Admins

Hey gang.

I’ve just given everyone in the Key Community Members group system admin privileges on this forum/SBS system.

I’ve been a bottleneck, and we’re planning on opening things up more on the new servers anyway… so this is a good start.

This will give you ability to manage users, groups, spammers, etc.

Be responsible.

Hehe. Taking over the rule! Ok. Good to have more admins here. Though LG won’t be happy as we don’t have admin guidelines still


yeah, it seems to be a good step but I wonder whether it’s the right direction. About 20 admins are as far as I can tell too much and some of them are already locked. If one asks me this was the wrong group and I’d like to create an “ActiveCommunityMembers” group with less users and revoke the permissions for the key contributors. And I prefer to use another username and not this one as now hidden forums are also displayed. So often we don’t need to moderate things.


PS: I can now unlock the very popular Spark features thread .

I agree that many of KeyContributors are not very active, so probably they don’t need admin rights, but we should leave Key badges for them.

I have received 2 moderating messages in my Stuff, but there was only 1. And after i have rejected this one it still shows that i have 1 message to moderate, but this tab is empty.

This may be a bug, even I had 2 and have now 1 Your Stuff / Moderation item. I assume you did process the 1st one which I did see but the other one seems to be hidden.