Korean spam

Today forums were flooded with spam do uments from accounts using korean emails (look like fake). Turning on points filter doesn’t help. They have probably found some exploit in Jive to get points. Upped points filter to 15 now and also have enabled accounts registration moderation.

Waiting for Lg to come up with some wise filter. I’m in the hospital myself, so can’t do much with a small tablet i have on me.

Have approved one spam account for testing. Some documents go into moderation queue, but then all go through. So it seems Jive is giving points for posting unapproved content…

Trying to up points filter to 50

Btw, JiveX account registration moderation is useless. Shows only username, no email a user is trying to register from. Jive is constantly dumbing down its software…

Disabled registration moderation for now. Though i feel they will come back soon. Need email examples to add to domain blacklist.

“Shows only username, no email a user is trying to register from.” One can click on the Username and open the profile page to get the email. I guess Jive did never test it.

“Points for unapproved content” if this is the case we may have phun. Setting it to 50 seems to be a bad idea, there may be too much moderation issues.

.oO(I should visit Portland or Palo Alto and throw daily one of the developers in a dark dungeon. As soon as these issues including the “auto-follow-moderation-new-posts” issue are fixed I would let them out again.)

Hm… I thought I’ve tried to press on a username in the queue, but it only opened moderator notes. The user is not registered, so maybe he doesn’t have profile yet.

We can set points filter to 5 again or disable it for now.

You guys have the power to open tickets with Jive… #justsaying

Yeah, i have already reported the “auto-follow approved threads”, but they can’t reproduce this and who knows whether it will be fixed or not. Spam issues are too hard to test thoroughly.

Btw, i have found some jive spam prevention service which shows error because of some system property missing. Maybe we can ask Jive to fix it and enable, to see how it deals with spam.

Came back today. Added email domain to the blacklist, added a few patterns to keyword interceptor, removed accounts. Quiet for an hour so far.