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KRAKEN HOSED ME, need to make things right again

Sorry to bother this list however I have a problem. I was having some issues with the 2008 version of the gateway plugin, and I had been told to go over and give Kraken a try. I have openfire 3.6.4, running java 1.6, 8 gigs of ram,and the openfire server HAS been running normally forover three years now. I went in and deleted the gateway plug-in, as per instructions, then uploaded kraken.jar to the server. the kraken version is 1.1.2… Immediately I began to have problems. The server started experiencing outofmemory errors. I increased the amount of initial and max memory in the openfire executeable, restarted the service, and again it started dumpng outofmemory errors in the logs. and refusing to run the web portal, or allow users to log in I also saw where logged in users were basically hung up, and normal discovery services were no longer working.

I stopped the server, deleted the kraken plugin, rebooted and attempted to re-install the gateway.jar plugin from this site, and now IT doesn’t work, and it hangs the server fairly quickly after I initialize it.

Here is my problem. I need to get kraken completely off my system, out of my database, and bury this turkey so I can have my fully funcational openfire 3.6.4 server working as it was this morning at 8am, instead of the crippled openfire serer I have presently. Can anyone give me some insights as to what i need to fix in the database to make this thing work again? Can I re-run the upgrade script for the database to right things that were hosed by kraken?



First of all, i believe you should really ask this in Kraken forums. IM Gateway was developed by one person, that is the author of newer version called Kraken. It is still the same plugin, but with some fixes and changes. IM Gateway eventually will become useless, as it wont be updated. And in future all legacy protocols can be changed, so IM Gateway won’t be able to connect to them. Noone here can help you better than the author himself.

I didnt notice any memory hogs with 1.1.1 version, though i’m not using it much. You can try to install that version.

I am running the latest version of Kraken and getting no out of memory errors. When you deleted the gateway plugin I assume you did this:

  1. Stop openfire server
  2. Delete gateway.jar
  3. Delete gateway folder
  4. Start openfire
  5. Install kraken

I did all this (deletion, installation) without stopping the server and it works fine. That’s on Linux. On my Windows test server i usually restart Openfire as it has some issue with plugins installation/deletion (the process is very slow and do not delete everything completely).

I was only going on the fact that he stopped the server to remove the plugin.