Kraken IM Gateway question

I am trying to set up a internal IM system for our users, but still want to allow them to be able to communicate with friends/etc on Yahoo/MSN/etc…

I installed the Kraken IM gateway, and was able to sucessfully test that it can connect to each service I would like to allow.

But, when I log into my account on Openfire (usling my LDAP info) and try to add a Gtalk account, it fails…gives the error message of:

“unable to register with gateway”…

Am I missing something??

No idea. Have you checked in the Kraken forum?

Let’s check:

Gtalk gateway settings should be: server:, port: 5222

When adding new registration, you should add as

I double checked to make sure the Gtalk settings were set to server: and port: 5222

I am entering the username as

I still get the message that I’m unable to register with the gateway…

I am able to connect to Gtalk using Trillian for IM, and it connects fine, so I know its not the network, and I am able to connect to my gmail account (via the web) using the username and password I’m putting in for the Kraken IM username/password fields, and I can connect via the web fine as well…

Any other ideas??

Don’t know then. Are you using Kraken 1.1.3beta3 version and Openfire 3.7.0?

Yes I am, to both questions about the version…

Is there a log file that would show why after I enter my Gtalk info I am unable to register with the gateway?

Also, I’ve been noticing that after I sign into Spark, after a minute or two, I’m getting this error:

Maybe in the Openfire logs, or you can try enabling the debug log (though it can be tricky in 3.7.0). But there is simply noone here to understand them. You should really try kraken forums, even if Daniel is not very active in them (sometimes he disappears for months).

use an empty openfire server (no other users). create an account, install kraken and enable the server debug log. This will record the traffic of kraken to GTalk. Your error looks to me like a wrong gtalk server. (I can’t look up the one I am using for production right now.)

I don’t know if it is helpful, but I have noticed that when I start getting errors like this with Kraken that I need to delete the registration from the server and then readd it and then I am able to connect again.