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Kraken IM Gateway support for OF 3.8x?

Hi there,

i’m using the Kraken IM Gateway 1.1.3beta3 (is this the latest version?) and i wonder if it will work with openfire version 3.8.0 and above? Does anyone have any experience with it?


There will be NO new version of Kraken. The code is old and has worked his way for quite some time. However, the maintenance of the libraries for the public networks became unmanageable. That’s the reason the long time developer abandoned the code and stored it at Ignite for a possible pick up by someone else.

The much better alternative is the use of Spectrum.im as gateway between Openfire and the public networks. There is an active development for the integration between Openfire and Spectrum called GoJara. This plugin went into production in my company about a week ago and will undergo come changes until it is clean for distribution. We are cleaning out the errors as they occur in operation. Spectrum.im is a much better architectural decision than Kraken, since it relies on the widely used libpurple and performant C++ code. Since libpuple is much broader from functional point of view, the integration of Skype or twitter are at hand for Spark/Openfire. I am not saying that we take this route, but it is an option.

Overall, for 3.8.+ servers, you may want to consider GoJara + Spectrum.im. There is also a migration plugin tomove the accounts of Kraken to Spectrum.

And to answer you question. Yes, Kraken still works with 3.8.1 Alpha for some gateways like ICQ, MSN, Gtalk, XMPP. Not sure for how long, but it works.