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Kraken IM Gateway

I installed the Kraken IM Gateway plugin on my Openfire server but I see nothing on the Spark client that allows me to add any 3rd party connections. I have the latest versions of both the server and the client installed. Does the Kraken plugin not work on the latest version of Openfire?

Kraken is no longer maintained and is many years old. its unlikely to work anymore.

Ok, thanks.

speedy is right, Kraken is not maintained anymore and can brake at any moment. But it is still working for me with the latest Openfire/Spark versions. You just need to enable some transports in Gateways menu in Admin Console and relogin in Spark to see icons for these transports in Spark’s toolbar (below Presence bubble).

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cool…thats awesome that kraken is still working.

forrestdean, another gateway implementation you might look at is How to run Spectrum 2 with Openfire - Gojara plugin Guide

I have looked at Spectrum a few times, but it looks so goddammit complicated