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Kraken Plugin for Yahoo


I want to use Kraken for Yahoo messaging through my XMPP server. I am new to this, so need few information. Will be very thankful

  1. Does Kraken use the Yahoo messeger API published on the yahoo site for making connection to Yahoo.

  2. On the Yahoo messenger site, it seems that we need to create a project and then register an app with them. This helps to connect around 5000 unique users every day with them. Now my question is, if I want to resgiter my own client with Yahoo and then add the application id in Kraken, how can I do it?

  3. Also, is there any document which can tell me the code design for Kraken. I want to add file transport support to Kraken and then can share to everyone.


Hi Vicky,

welcome to the community. The Kraken code is in the subversion code repository (look around this site to find some links and guidance how to work with it). The code has no maintenance right now and there is some development ongoing to replace Kraken against Spectrum.im. There are several reasons for that, the biggest is the lack of developers who are working with Java to follow every change of the code at Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, etc. Hence Spectrum.im is using the Pidgin base code and puts it into a server.

The Kraken -Yahoo connection is not particular good. We have regular issues with it and due to the fact that no one is working on it a fix is unlikely .

Any effort put into Openfire-Yahoo connectivity might be better spend in Spectrum.

I can not comment on the API question and the APP registration.