Kraken Registrations Encrypted Passwords

I’m trying to create Kraken IM registrations directly into the database (SQL/Server) but cannot seem to correctly encrypt the passwords. I am using the C# Blowfish library from

Using the C# library I get:

2ee16f43bc00ab6c9f840698ba7ef17b9dde0a3e623dd0f5 (48 chars)

But the commensurate string is held in the ofGatewayRegistration table as:

666ca82490e659f124714b5527c11c829df7350c3f647e8c0ad1a4f10e3453ed55ace01b9e68bc93 (80 chars)

I’ve checked out the Openfire and Kraken source, and the discrepency isn’t obvious (although I’m C# not Java, so I might be missing something!)

Can anyone help?

Note that I did previously try using the Kraken RPC to create registrations, but this seems to have a bug, and returns:


Problem accessing /plugins/kraken/xml-rpc. Reason:

HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL

Ok, I’ve resolved this. Quite painful, ended up manually converting the Openfire source to C#.