Is it possible to change the language of alle the buttons and etc?

Is it possible to make changes to graphics too?

To change the language:

Server -> Server Manager -> Language and Time

I think its not designated to change graphics.

How many languages are supported? We need danish

Openfire 3.5.1 supports the following languages:

  • Czech (cs_CZ)

  • Deutsch (de)

  • English (en)

  • Español (es)

  • Français (fr)

  • Nederlands (nl)

  • Polski (pl_PL)

  • Português Brasileiro (pt_BR)

  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)

We need danish

You know that only admins can see this pages? However, you could do your own translation. See translator-guide.

You know that only admins can see this pages?

That’s one thing, so I wonder why there are so much translations.

A problem with most translations is that they are incomplete / out-of-date. New messages (~features) are added to Openfire and plugins and they are likely not translated. So one will get a mixed language admin console GUI.


and some translations are not finished and not submitted even