¿¿¿¿¿Languaje Pack?

Existen usarios interesados alrededor del mundo en utilizar este sistema, por lo cual se le debe ofrecer la oportunidad de hacerlo en su propio idioma. La idea es utilizar un paquete de lenguajes, muy común en los desarrollos de software; donde la interface se presenta en el idioma deseado por el usuario. Yo soy de Venezuela y si se acopla un módulo de este tipo puedo ayudar con la traducción de la interface y de la ayuda.

Eng. Ver:: Exist interested users around the world to use this system, an you should offer the chance to use in their own languaje. The principal idea is use a Language Pack, very common on the software development; where the interface show the languaje desire by the final user. I´m from Venezuela, and if you accoplate a module of Language Pack kind i can help you with the interface and the help files translation.

¿Do you can make it?

Multiple languages are already supported in Wildfire. The current list is:

  • Czech (cs_CZ)

  • Deutsch (de)

  • English (en)

  • Español (es)

  • Français (fr)

  • Nederlands (nl)

  • Português Brasileiro (pt_BR)

  • Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)

Is there anything about the feature that you would like to see improved? We’'re definitely missing a few things such as website content, documentation, and the installers in other languages.



Wildfire (the admin web GUI) supports already many languages using property files.

Imho it makes no sense that the web admin GUI supports many languages because everything else is in English, like (free) support using this forum.

The help files are indeed only available in English - I didn’'t check whether they are up to date. Usually currentness is a big problem and supporting multiple languages makes this more complicated. The information supplied by the help files is also very limited.

You may do a lot of work just for the shredder because

a) administrators want access to the newest version, even if it is English.

b) versions may be released faster than you can complete the translation for a version.

Do you expect a large audience for Spanish help files?


I don’‘t think we’‘ll be translating the full documentation in the near future – it would be a big task and not too many are asking for it yet. There are a few things we could do to make installs easier, though, such as offering installers in different languages. Basically, we’'re happy to do what would help people out so let us know.