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Large number of log errors despite no client sessions being active

I have thousands of the following erros in the log file:

2007.10.28 01:00:13 org.xmpp.packet.Presence.getShow(Presence.java:140) Unable to retrieve show value for normal

These seem to happen even when no client sessions are active. Have I installed things incorrectly or is there a patch or somehting thats needed? (using debian - which i saw was problematic previously - is this the problem)

Also would this be the reason that so much of my java memory is used

(313.62 MB of 864.00 MB (36.3%) used) - this happens despite haveing a very large server (incidentally whats the bets way to increase the java memory available - can this be done from the control panel ?)


I too get the occasional ‘org.xmpp.packet.Presence.getShow(Presence.java:140) Unable to retrieve show value for …’ error. I’ve always blamed crappy client implementations for it (the ‘normal’ show value isn’t valid in XMPP). I don’t get thousands of those errors though. Maybe you could write a small intercepter-plugin that prints out presence packets, to see what or who is causing these errors?

To increase the amount of memory that’s assigned to Openfire, you’ll have to add or adjust some parameters in the command that’s used to start-up Openfire. There’s a good tutorial available at http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1033 (look at the ‘Heap Settings’ sections). Note that a heap of 864 megs should be fine for most Openfire deployments though.