Latest Binary Build

Hi Guys

Is 0.9.0 the latest binary build ? I don’t have Flex Builder to be able to build from source.


Yes, this is the latest build.

Thanks wr00t - I was half hoping there was a later build, but never mind.

Maybe Armando, the new SparkWeb developer, can shed more light on this. But as he has just retaken that project it would be hard to him to estimate new release date. You can check current Roadmap and see how many issues are left to fix. system.project:roadmap-panel

Also, this is the latest official. I’m sure some of the folks are building it themselves from svn, so maybe somebody can share it with you.

Thanks again - let’s see if Armando has anything to add. I have to say it’s looking like it’ll be a very impressive client.


I am not positive, but the sparkweb client found on the ignite website must be fairly close to the trunk version. I have had some luck directly downloading it.

You’ll want to ‘save target as’ that link, so you can download the file and not have the browser hand it off to flash.


Thanks Daryl, I’ll have a play with it.