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Launch on Startup Code

Can anyone point me to where in the code its setting the HKCU Run registry key? I see it in Installer.java but I need the code for the preferences window. I see the code for loading the preferences from the file, changing the options and then saving. But I don’t see where at it’s actually taking action based on what they clicked?

Any help?



I took some more time yesterday and today to look through this. I still don’t see any code that is executing to set this registry entry. Now I did notice that it doesn’t work when you debug it from eclipse. But once it gets compiled through the “release” ant build then it starts working. But I don’t know what in the build would affect this.

Any ideas?



I’m going to bump this up as it’s halting our company deployment. Anyone know what the ant ‘release’ compile would put into the program to allow the “Launch on Startup” option in windows to work? Since it doesn’t work when I’m just debugging from eclipse? I can’t find the code anywhere that does it and the only interesting thing that I see is that it works after you compile and run from startup.bat

Anyone familiar enough with the code to know this? jadestorm?



I found it. The code for this is in the jniwrapper.jar under commercial plugins. Does anyone know why this is a compiled plugin? I thought that the jni was open source.

Hello. Does this describe your problem? http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/198123


jniwrapper based on winpack. Winpack based on a commercial license!

For Spark 2.6 I will remove all commercial packages/license,

but I’m not finished, yet. :slight_smile: