Launch4J Settings


I built a special Spark version with this tuturial.

Everything ist compiled, and i can start the application with the startscripts for Windows and Linux.

Now i will try to build an EXE file for my Windows machine with Launch4J.

I defined an output file and entered the path to the startup.jar file.

Now my problem is, that nothing happens. I can build the EXE file without any warnings,

but if i double-click on the EXE file nothing happens.

I think, that there must be further settings in Launch4J, but i dont know.



I was wondering if you had any luck with Launch4J and the settings? I am currently trying to setup Lauch4J to generate a exe from the built sources and I too am looking for any helpfull information.



I too would like to hear from anyone who has used launch4j successfully with Spark! I’d be more than keen to hear from anyone who’s had more luck than I have!



after playing about 8 hours with Launch4J I stopped because there was no success.Than I tried Install4J, it works, but the uninstaller dont work . But Install4J is no way for me , because I will not buy Install4J.

No my quick and dirty solution is, to call the startup.bat file from the bin directory with a little C programm. This exe I can link on the Desktop, and so it looks like an normal programm for the User.

I am not very happy with this solution, but it works.


That’s an issue with the latest build of install4j. Happened to me too. I then uninstalled install4j and found an older version on Google, compiled and BAM! Works like a charm. Now I’m trying to use launch4j and Advanced Installer to create a free installation. No such luck as of yet.