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Launching Chat Server on multiple networks


I’m a systems administrator of a retail company. I would like to implement an office wide IM service and installed OpenFire 3.6.3 on our main server on saturday. I just joined your forums today and I’d just like to ask if the scenario below is possible. If so, how do I implement it.

I have two networks, a VPN network and a local network intertwined via one server with 2 NICs. This server is where I installed OpenFire. Our VPN have IP addresses ranged at and our local network at

I have OpenFire installed on our VPN server and I set up the clients with Miranda, iChat, and an old version of Jabber which work fine. What I wanted to do now is set up the clients on the local network with IM clients as well which can communicate with the VPN clients.

Can this be done? And how?

I’d appreciate your responses a lot.



Sure, take a look at Server to Server configurations.