LDAP & 3.0.1 issues

I’‘ve given up on trying to get my old 2.6.2 server working and I’'ve moved onto new and exciting issues with LDAP and 3.0.1

I was using LDAP with kerberos authentication wiht version 2.6.2. It was working fine, except that I had to manually add users into the group I wanted them to be in (we’'re not using LDAP groups)

Currently my 3.0.1 server is running, and A user registers and creates their account on the server, and it adds them successfully to the right default group when they join. This is nice and all - but I’'d like to use LDAP instead of having each user register.

Is it possible with 3.0.1 and LDAP to have this scenario:

New hire loads up jabber client.

New hire creates a profile in jabber client - setting the jabber server as their server, and using their domain login and password connects to the jabber server

on connect the new hire is added to the default group, and they are always authenticated by LDAP

Is that even possible?

When i add the LDAP settings into the wildfire.xml I cannot login to the admin console with either admin, or my username even though they are listed as authorized usernames. I also cannot connect with the client to the server. This leads me to believe that LDAP authentication is failing for some reason? Is there a guide (other than the one in the installation docs) to help troubleshoot this?

well - would certainly make life easier if I didnt have to live with the beaurocracy

I found out I was given the wrong baseDN to use. This tool saved me!

The LDAP Browser here: http://www.ldapadministrator.com/

Is freeware - and it definetly gave me the correct baseDN to use.