LDAP access control

Hello all

I’'ve been trying to get JM up and running with LDAP integration, and am bumping my head on a few problems

I initially had everything set up fine, usernames were being pulled from Active Directory, and had JM restricted to displaying only from a set group, JiveUsers. The sun was shining, birds were singing, etc.

Unfortunately, our account names have spaces (Firstname Lastname) and I was unable to find a client that could connect to JM using JID Escaping (Firstname\20Lastname).

So, I changed the following:

This no longer works while using mailNickname. I’'ve also tried the following:

And I’‘m completely stumped now. What I’'d like to do is to have JM only display/work for users in the JiveUsers group. Any ideas?

Thank you!


Running the latest Beta2 on Windows Server 2003

Try using this:

The “” string is replaced with the login name you are attempting to use. For example, if you login as "jdoe@example.com", “” becomes “jdoe”.

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar

Seriously, thank you very much. Works like a charm at this point. Really appreciate the help