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LDAP Active Directory Help

I’ve setup previous versions of Openfire but am having difficulty getting through the LDAP/AD setup on version 3.8.2

Our internal domain is healthypets.org

For Host, I put: newad.healthypets.org (Openfire is being installed on the same machine as the domain controller)

For Base DN, I put: dc=healthypets,dc=org

For Authentication, I have tried a number of different users but the default Administrator isn’t working:

Administrator DN: administrator@healthypets.org

Testing settings doesn’t seem to do anything, and I cannot get past the Administrator Account portion where it asks to add an Administrator from amony the LDAP users.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I was able to get it to work. Thanks.

How did you get it to work. I’ve added the base dn and am unable to add any admins (ldap test generates no results).