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LDAP, AD and Wildfire

I have ben reading, and re-reading the forums, but cannot seem to get Wildfire server to allow LDAP.

When I use Native Authentication (with default wildfire.xml), I am able to log on with “admin” and my password, and the clients I have set up maually (and groups) works great.

I edited the widfire.xml per suggestions in the forums here, to allow LDAP, adn no matter what, I cannot log on to the Admin console.

here’'s my file:

Jabbeer Access (SG)

Domain is Mixed Mode, running 2003 server SP1, Wildfire is on my only 200o Server (SP4). Domain has a PDC and BDC. What else you need to know.

I would like to get the integrated with AD soon, so I do not have to manually add all external (out of office) users.



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Take a look at your baseDN, here’'s my working example: