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LDAP - AD configured, admin OK but clients cannot connect

Hey Guys… I’'m unable to connect to my Jive server with the PSI IM client using the server configured for LDAP against Microsoft AD (server2003):

The error I get is:

"There was an error communicating with the Jabber server.

Details: Authentication error: No appropriate mechanism available for the given security settings"

Here’'s my LDAP settings which work fine for logging into the Jive server for admin and it loads in all of our 400+ users. I can log into the server with any of my admin accounts OK.

Our AD is setup as follows:

sAMAccountName: FLastname

displayName: Lastname, Firstname

cn: Lastname, Firstname

I should note that I’‘ve tried using both the displayName and the CN as the nameField, but I never could log into the server with them. I have a hunch there’'s a problem with needing the Lastname, Firstname formated log in?

So far I’'ve only tried the PSI client… is there a better one for MS-AD and LDAP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



You need plain text login for AD LDAP…

OK… just installed the Pandion IM client and it works like a charm!

apparently the PSI client has bugs in its LDAP authentication.

Thanks! GREAT SERVER guys!


You need plain text login for AD LDAP…

AH!!! Thanks! Selecting that in the PSI client worked!!