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LDAP/AD only Power Users?

Ok I got LDAP setup to use our AD, and it works, I can log in but… in the users summary, only the Power Users within the JabberAccess group are shown.

Here is the LDAP part of my config file.

The server is Win2k3 Small Business Server. It seems like the filter is working in so far as the Power Users that are shown are in the JabberAccess group. Any ideas why it doesn’'t show the “Users?”

Try using LdapBrowser (http://www.ldapbrowser.com/download/) to see what it returns when using that query.

I’'m not really sure what you mean by Power Users and normal users. Could you explain that a little more?

Ah! Thank you. I was looking for a program like this to test the search.

Power Users is a security group that has more authority than the group Users on domain computers.

Ok, I just tried it out with two different AdminDNs. I used the jiveldap user I created and then I tried with my own username which is a domain admin. when I use jiveldap in the configuration file, only higher-authority users are shown. When I use my own account, ALL the users in the JabberAccess group are shown.

When I test it using LDAP Browser, I can see all of the group members no matter which account I use.

So does it matter what kind of permissions the AdminDN has?