LDAP administrator account failure?


Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about a problem I’m having on openfire 3.5.1. I’ve set up an LDAP server locally and can connect to it fine and view all users etc. However, when I try to set up a openfire environment on the same machine, I keep getting ‘Status: Authentification Failed’ when trying to add new administrators before finalising the installation. I’ve tested and can see all the fields coming in (including the password field - which is encrypted when I output it on the User Mapping window. Has anyone had this problem before? Any ideas how to resolve. Everything is connecting fine, so not sure where the problem lies.



Hi there,

I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do but if you are trying to use an LDAP setup and trying to add users to AD from openfire, last time I used that kind of connectivity LDAP was a read-only authentication (not sure if that changed any time since then). Meaning if you need users added to openfire it has to be done in AD, you can’t do it from Openfire.



I’ve already got the users set up in my Sybase database, I can view them and know they exist and have the passwords and so on, however I can’t register them as Administrators when setting up LDAP lookup in the admin gui. Its really bizarre as I know the passwords are coming through (dumped them in the mapping test and can see its as HEX although can’t decode them) and yet each time I add them, go to test each user and type in their password, it keeps giving me authentification failure incorrect password!

What server are you using for your LDAP server? Sybase is your database correct?

Hi mtstravel,

I’m running a Penrose 1.2.4 LDAP server on my machine locally to connect to the Sybase database.


Thanks for looking into, however, I’ve discovered the problem (via a process of trial and error). The LDAP server Penrose (version 1.2.4 isn’t allowing authentification of user passwords when setting up additional administrators). Returned to version 1.1 and works fine now. Helpful hint if anyone else is experiencing this problem, roll back to 1.1!