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LDAP alternatebaseDN problem

Hi there,

I already managed to get Jive Messenger to connect to our AD but I can’'t list users that are on the alternateBaseDN.

I don’'t want to set baseDN too high because I got all kind of items listened (computers, containers,etc)

I set



But I only can see baseDN users.

Any Idea?

Ok, it on docs says:

ldap.alternateBaseDN – a second DN in the directory can optionally be set. If set, the alternate base DN will be used for authentication and loading single users, but will not be used to display a list of users (due to technical limitations).

So it seems my problem is due to tech limitations, my question now is:

Is it possible to only show in users list those who are really Users?

In my users list, I get All my AD items (because I set my baseDN to the top of my AD) .



I believe the following upcoming feature will solve the issue for you: JM-130. With that feature, you should be able to filter only for users.




Just perfect ! I Can’'t wait till version 2.1.2.